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-What to Pack-

  • CLOTHES - Casual and comfortable clothing, underwear and socks for everyday, SHOES that tie and are comfortable (for walking and physical activity), light jacket, sweatshirt, umbrella or light raincoat (just in case), swimsuit, and one item for COSTUME.
  • BEDDING -  Sheets and light blanket (twin size) or a sleeping bag, pillow and pillow case
  • TOILETRIES -  Towels and washcloths, hairbrush, soap, shampoo, toothbrush (floss), toothpaste, hairdryer, drinking cup, etc.
  • FOR YOUR CLASSES -  Folders, notebook paper, pens or pencils, any special supplies are requested for your class (see class descriptions or teacher instructions)
  • OTHER -  Clock, radio, reading material, athletic gear (tennis racquet, basketball, soccer ball, baseball glove, bat...NO SKATEBOARDS, VIDEO GAMES, OR CELL PHONES), Talent Show costume, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, music, postcards, stationery, envelopes, and postage stamps
-Spending Money-
  • There is a snack bar to buy drinks, fruit, candy bars, granola bars, ice cream, chips, and candy
  • Please bring $20.00 or LESS in small bills and change if you wish to make purchases at the snack bar.
  • Also bring $5.00 for Pizza Party to be collected at CHECK-IN.  Do NOT pack in suitcase!

-University Map-

  • Click here to download a map of William Woods University campus.  

    -Print off your List Here-

  • Click here to download a "What to Pack" list.
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