College for Kids
A Summer Exploration Inc.

How to Apply

Download the PDF Registration Form for your session, using your 2017-2018 grade level to choose the correct session. Select your morning and afternoon courses. Be sure to rank at least 4 choices, and place a "0" beside any courses that do not interest you.

    1. Grades 3 & 4: Session I Registration Form
    1. Grades 5 & 6: Session II Registration Form
    1. Grades 7, 8, & 9: Session III Registration Form
It is important to completely fill out the registration and enclose it with your payment (minimum $100 deposit, check or money order, payable to College for Kids) and mail to:

College for Kids A Summer Exploration, Inc.
c/o Sue Craghead, Director
P.O. Box 722, Fulton, MO 65251

If you are new to CK, complete the Certification Form and have it signed by a school official. (Note: This is not necessary if you have attended CK in the past).

Complete and sign the Health Form.  This form MUST BE received by May 15, for acceptance in program.

We suggest that you apply early (before April 16) for the best chance of getting your choice of classes and to save money (see "Fees" section). However, registrations are accepted until all spaces are filled. Limit 16 per class.

Classes are filled in the order that applications (complete with certification and check) are received. Be aware that some classes may fill very quickly, but also that a class with low enrollment may have to be canceled.

You will get confirmation in late May or early June, with a class schedule and other information to be ready for camp. Your canceled check is your receipt. If for some reason your application is NOT accepted, we will call you IMMEDIATELY.

If you have questions or want additional applications contact:

Sue Craghead, Director
Telephone: (573) 642-2935

Click here for the 2019 CK Booklet!
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