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Residential Life Message

Thirty years ago a group of thoughtful gifted educators came together with a vision for a summer experience for very bright learners. Thirty years ago the first College for Kids experience came to be. College for Kids, A Summer Exploration has evolved into  an  intense, fast paced, academic and social experience for each camper. A generation later, over 8,000 students have been a part of this summer exploration. Former and current CK'ers are now changing the world; each in his/her own unique way. Your mission, if you decide to accept it is to make CK 2018 the  best ever. Our mission, as the staff of CK 2018 is to create a learning environment where each participant develops purpose, answers the question, "Who am I?", lives, interacts and learns from peers and older role models, while engaging in high academic interdisciplinary activities in a jam packed week.      


During CK 2018 students participate in weeklong intensive courses ranging from digital photography to psychology, business to painting. Choose from additional classes in the classics, sciences, mathematics, theatre, history and poetry. In each class you will have opportunities to learn with academic peers under the mentorship of dynamic teachers. After classes are over you will continue to be engaged in favorite CK traditions and somewhat mysterious evening activities under the direction  of CK staff and residential advisors. Residential advisors live in the halls with CK students. CK RA's are hand-­picked and attend school in various states during the school year. They come together to bring enthusiasm and traditions to create an environment where learning is cool. We hope they become your friends and mentors.    


College for Kids is a haven for gifted learners who find others just like them, who value learning, have passionate interests and enjoy academic challenges. Join us at College for Kids for an action packed, magical week of learning and fun.  

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Marilyn Toalson, Director of Residential Life
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